Alza is about action and movement. Alza is a verb in Italian meaning “lift”. As an action word, Alza is the perfect name for this dynamic furniture collection.It is designed for high performance in any commercial environment with aspect of the product was created for a specific purpose.

The front of the seat cushion is raised or “lifted” from the floor to allow tables to be brought close to the furniture so users can work comfortably. The back of the chair is extended to the floor and is flat, facilitating the mounting of a screen panel. In this way, Alza can create private areas within a large space.

As the seat cushion is the component that is most often damaged and replaced, Alza uses one that is separate from the base and easy to change giving the product a longer life.

The sides of the different components are flat so that they can be mated together giving architects and interior designers many options to configure the perfect seating arrangement. The modularity of Alza can be used to build straight and multi-curved layouts with or without seatbacks, screen panels and arms.

The crisp, linear look of Alza creates a sort of arrow form in the side profile, giving the product a very dynamic, unique appearance.

Alza had the honour of winning the prestigious Good Design Award.

Manufacturer: Cosimo, China