Davide Tonizzo

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My Story

Davide Tonizzo is a Toronto-born industrial designer. But like many Canadians, he has a second motherland, Italy. His connection to this other citizenship has both nurtured and inspired his work. Like his ancestors of the Italian Renaissance, Davide has meshed engineering with art and somehow arrived at calling it industrial design, his profession for over 30 years. Propelled by a childhood dream of being a car stylist, Davide’s career began not in the classrooms and design offices of Toronto (or TO as locals call it) but in the model shops and car design studios of another TO, Torino. His second passion, furniture design, came to him by a date with destiny in Milan. It was in Italy that he learned the artisanship of design, working with global companies such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, Mercedes Benz and ANA (All Nippon Airways). These Italian beginnings have led to an independent practice of over 25 years, a diverse portfolio, many patents, over 20 awards and publication in international design media. Davide’s work has migrated into brand creation and film making.


From his beginnings as car designer in Italy, Davide’s work has migrated into various industries in different countries all over the world including: Italy, Canada, China, Spain, Denmark, US, Mexico and Hong Kong. His roots in the complex world of automotive and transportation design have enabled him to take on any kind of product design project including: bathwares, ceramics, handbags, office equipment, clocks, home décor, solar panels and a lot of furniture. Davide’s work has been published in the world’s leading design media. He has won over 20 awards and is a 4-time winner of the prestigious Good Design Award.


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